Son et Lumière


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Updated 01 October 2017

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Sea Mist over the inlet and the city...  (1:43)  
A Day at the Races  (1:52)    
Something to Crow About  (1:28)   
People My Camera Has Met On the Way To....  (5:00)  
Burgers by the River  (1:52)  
Over Water  (2:15)  
Teapots in a Dunbar Landscape  (4:00)  
Wicked Campers  (1:00)
Clouds in the Setting Sun   (2:00)    
November Morning on the Fraser River  (3:00)
Telus Garden  (4:56)
My Tumblr.  This is based on screen captures of a book in progress showing images from blog.   WORK-IN-PROGRESS  
From Pioneer Farm To Equestrian Neighbourhood   (5:36)
Vancouver THEN and Now   (6:16)  
A Few  Hulls Around Granville Island  (2:16)
Vancouver Up High on a Cloudy Day  (2:44)
False Creek east from the Granville Bridge  (2:54)
  December Lights  (4:16)
Abstractions (4:04)
ABFM - British Autos, Vandusen Gardens  (4:11)
False Creek and Olympic Village  (3:15)