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Posted 13 Aug 2018


Good Monday Everyone -
This week we have theme number 10 - Urbanscapes.  This includes views in an urban setting unlike landscapes or seascapes which do not contain significant elements of the city or the man-made.  Our feature image is Coal Harbour in Vancouver on a spring morning with a view of the condo towers and Stanley Park.  Enjoy the view HERE.
To explain Urbanscapes I offer you, gratis, my last published photobook URBAN LAND in PDF format.
Go HERE  this will open my OneDrive and you will see a blank white screen (ignore sign in and create account) - be patient as the file is large and takes about 2-3 minutes to download.  When the book cover pops up, click onto Download in the menu near the top.  Then a window will pop-up asking if you want to open or save.
  • If you want to open the file make sure you open in Adobe Reader (again patience) and you can view online at the moment;
  • If you want to save file on your computer, then select that option.  Once it is on your hard drive you open it in Adobe Reader any time you want.  This is the better of the two options as the viewing of the book will be faster and smoother.
(Note: This is for viewing on a desktop or laptop in order to view it as a book.  On a tablet or smartphone you will not see the two-page spreads which is the main feature of the format.)
Cheers, Tom
This weeks jigsaw here.


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