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Posted  19 June 2017
We are at "st" for STRUCTURES in my photo filing system.  And this week is a juxtaposition image of historic and new.  The photo shows the historic art deco Marine Building with the new MNP Tower in the back.
Marine Building is a ​beautiful example of Art Deco style.  It is steel and brick and copper highrise structure whose use is office, restaurant and retail.  Architects were McCarter Nairne & Partners.  The following description is from
Constructed between Mar 1929 and Oct 1930, this art deco building was the tallest building in the British Empire for a brief period of time. Developed by Toronto-based Stimson's Canadian Development Company, the Marine Building featured what were the fastest elevators in North America west of New York. At 700 feet per minute, the elevators are typical of what is found in new buildings. The contractor was E.J. Ryan Contracting Co Ltd., which also built Hotel Vancouver. Cost overruns made a $1.25 million project into $2.35 million.
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