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Book Cover Russell Freeman ConeTHE CONE FAMILY IN CANADA and in particular the descendants of Russell Freeman Cone (1808-1884). This genealogy traces the ancestry of the author's maternal fore fathers. It is a 448 page work covering 12 generations with historical emphasis on the 6th, 7th and 8th generations. The work covers the period from 1629 (with some Scottish background history) until the authors death in 1992. Included are 71 photos and 12 maps.

Copyright 1985 *
ISBN 0-9691880-0-5

Wm Moxham MANITOBA JOURNAL, 1885-1889 OF WILLIAM MOXHAM.  William left England for Canada when he was 16 years old.  For someone that young and untravelled it must have been quite a heady adventure.  Fortunately he wrote an account of his experiences.  The Journal was apparently written in England after he returned to that country in November, 1888, in the period between that date and prior to  embarkation again for Canada in March 1889.

Copyright 1985*
ISBN 0-9691880-1-3

Norfold Spies 1812 NORFOLK SPIES IN 1812,  The War of 1812, Turmoil and Uncertainty in Upper Canada, Norfolk County Upper Canada, Treason in Norfolk County.

Copyright 1989 *
ISBN 0-9691880-2-1
  The books are now out of print and unfortunately the original documents have been destroyed by a domestic flood. However, the contents was preserved by scanning the entire books into PDF format. At the time of this website update, there are a few hardcopies of each title available. Please enquire here emailif you would like the link to the PDFs or a hardcopy for the cost of packaging and postage.
  About the Author
Charles Deane Kent was born in Ottawa, Canada. Early education in that city. Graduate of McMaster University (B.A. '39), served overseas with the Canadian Army in World War II (rank of Lieutenant), graduate of McGill University (B.L.S. '45). Chief Librarian, Regina Public Library, Director London Public Library and Art Museum. Director Lake Erie Regional Library System. Retired 1976. Died 1992.
  * Books are Copyright 1992 Thomas G. Grant through the Estate of Charles Deane Kent
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